Minicraft is a success story, the end of which is not yet foreseen. Was it the fascination of the game? It is once the basic game principle. Minicraft is something like Lego on the screen, optionally with dangers and battles in survival mode or without suffering in creative mode. Players start in a randomly generated world, there is no game goal. The focus is on the construction of own buildings. From limited resources, the players create tools, later houses, cities, landscapes and whole worlds. The graphics are intentionally rude, everything consists of square knocking and gets a certain retro charm.

The rise of Minicraft is linked to the success of so-called Let’s Plays on YouTube. Many video players have discovered that the open game world and the almost endless possibilities.  The community thought is deeply rooted in Minicraft. Although the game was originally designed for the single player, the players quickly get together to build the blocks together. Everyone can set up their own server, customize it according to their preferences, or make it a protected space in which other players can not destroy anything. Many construction projects are so large that a whole community of players is working on it, forming communities.  Only those who calmly drive a car will also come safely to their destination. This can lead to unconcentricity at high stress times and cause accidents. The right car equipment can work wonders here.

Parents are also beginning to see the charm of the game. The entrance hurdles are and are with Lego, children and parents can play together and create worlds. With number modifications (short: mods) by the community. Buildings and landscapes are not the only one that Minicraft players could design. With the so-called Redstone blocks and cables, for example, electrical circuits can be reconstructed. These can be so complex that even pocket calculators and complex machines can be created with it. Minicraft as an introduction to computer technology? So the idea is not so absurd, the game has long since arrived in the classrooms. A Swedish school has a compulsory minicraft course. In other countries, teachers use Mods like MinicraftEdu to teach students how to do things like logic, planning and team spirit. The game encourages collaboration as well as planning. It gilded as a pedagogical valuable, even if the addictive factor is sometimes cited as a criticism.

All this has resulted in Minicraft being very popular. There are more than 100 million registered Minicraft players. The game is so great that it sometimes produces stories that make it into the mainstream media. The attempt of an American to run his game figure to the end of the Minicraft world was such a story that even the intellectual magazine The New Yorker took up. In this league, only a few games are playing the role of world class players like World of Warcraft or Eve Online. Microsoft is hoping to take advantage of Minicraft’s positive brand as a company. Like many major technology companies, Microsoft is also looking to the next generation of computer players: Amazon recently took over the games-focused streaming service twitch, Apple positioned the new iPhone 6 as an alternative to handheld consoles. The game for Microsoft’s Xbox has been bought alone twelve million times, but there is much evidence that Microsoft wants to expand its mobile gaming business, in other words cross-platform. In addition to the already existing Minicraft versions for Android and iOS, there should soon be another for Windows Phone.

Everything reminds a bit of the Lego blocks, which have inspired generations of children. So it’s hardly surprising that Lego is now offering its own Minicraft series. In addition, the community idea is deeply rooted, which increases the bond to the game. Quickly, the gamers came together to build mammoth projects. The result is often proud of Youtube and other networks.

Minicraft is currently one of the most successful computer games. It’s the Lego of this generation. The game is a revolution as it was the home computer. Minicrafts’ fascination has no age limits: primary school children spend their afternoons with the game, teenagers gamble with their friends and adults build the entire country. Fans of the TV series “Game of Thrones” even built up the cities of the fictitious continent of Westeros. Minicraft is a game for everyone. The broad age structure of the players also leads to conflicts. Older players often offend younger players in the game. In Minicraft, you can do endless things, and you can play it from your own perspective, so you feel especially drawn into the game world. There is no end, no prescribed game play. Players can always start anew. But what do you do as a player in Minicraft at all? Either build until you get bored or you play in Quest mode. In the so-called quests, the player does simple tasks, needs to find a diamond or dismantle iron. Within four or five hours these tasks can usually be accomplished. To give the self-created world or character a different look, players can download “Texturepacks” or “Skins”. If a player wants better graphics effects or a different game format, he can buy so-called “mods”. “Minicraft is different from other games because it challenges you to be creative. One moves in the world built by own hands and always constructs new things: houses, castles, villas.Even in the classroom, Minicraft has already managed: A Californian physics teacher has put an effort on his pupils in the game, an Australian history instructor, experience maps in historical worlds and at a school in Stockholm, minicrafts are even mandatory for 13-year-olds. They are learning something about planning, environmental protection, collaborating and practicing how to plan and implement projects.

In order not to build or admire a building alone, you can open your own world as a player for other servers as well. This allows other players to enter the created world. The bigger and more detailed you build, the more likely you will become the Minicraft star. You could build the Cologne Cathedral and earn thousands. You just need to be discovered, in order to be in business.

Take a look at this video to get an impression of the game:

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