Minicraft Games

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap

Click the title page to begin the gameUse arrow keys to move up and down, jump and bounce (you can double jump by pressing up twic [...]
Run away and not die (Scappa e non morire)

Run away and not ..

This game was not intended to be published online, as it was the first work I started with just the purpose of learning the basic [...]
Minecraft Chicken Miner

Minecraft Chicken ..

a white chicken! Holding the pickaxe in hand, his aim is to mine blocks as many as possible. In fact, he needs necessary materials [...]
Minecraft Creeper Dancing

Minecraft Creeper ..

Each person when joining in this game will be equipped a computer. There is the image of creeper on the screen. He appears as a da [...]
Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Minecraft Tower ..

The Adventure Mode has 28 challenges to play. All of them are incomplete. You have to overcome the first challenge – Deserted Beac [...]
Craft Shooting

Craft Shooting

Craft Shooting mainly tells about a peaceful land, called Minecraft, where everyone is pleased with their current lives. One day, [...]
Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks

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Elona Shooter

Elona Shooter

A chaotic shooter with RPG elements. Choose from 8 playable classes, train new skills, customize your weapons, develop your troops [...]
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